Coronado Plaza is a 4-story, 75,000 square foot Type V fully sprinklered wood-frame and steel structure over a Type I concrete podium and subterranean parking structure, located in one of the most densely populated sections of Los Angeles.  This project has been awarded a LEED Platinum rating and was constructed to meet all standards set forth by the American Disabilities Act as well as the stringent accessibility standards required by the City of Los Angeles and State of California.

The ground floor of the building houses the main office space for the project development firm, meeting rooms, tenant support services such as counseling facilities and classrooms, and exterior gathering spaces. 68 units of housing occupy the upper floors.

The building is located on a tight site, immediately adjacent to another project of similar size and scope owned by the same agency as Coronado Plaza. A major communications substation sits alongside the project, with a primary communications duct bisecting the Coronado Plaza project site. The scope of work included development of interstitial spaces to connect the project to the adjacent property. The extent of impact of the existing communications duct was greater than anticipated and required field adjustment of design elements and aggressive reconfiguration of the construction schedule to allow for timely completion.

Coronado Plaza also features an on-site photovoltaic system.  The installed system provides 25 Kw of power to the building via 101 solar array modules, reducing the need for on grid power consumption.

New Construction
75,000 S.F.