Arbor Terrace is a 71 unit multi-family affordable housing project meeting the requirements for the City of San Diego and the San Diego Housing Commission.  This project was developed in collaboration with the local community planning group, our client Squire ADI and the City of San Diego Planning Commission with the goal of providing needed affordable housing in the diverse North Park neighborhood.  Financed through public tax credits and private funding, the project sets a standard for developing affordable housing.

 The architecture is defined by the context of the neighborhood craftsman style bungalows with wood and stucco siding, low sloped roofs and stone massing.  The units are a mix of flats and two story townhomes with their front doors and entry porches facing the street.  The goal was to create a sense of community and individual homes within a multi-family development.

Architecture & Engineering
71 Unit Muti-Family Affordable Housing